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8ft Straight Fabric Pop Up Display

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8ft Straight Fabric Pop Up Display  – FREE DELIVERY

The Stretch Fabric Pop Up is the perfect display on the go. It’s ready in minutes. The lightweight aluminum alloy frame locks in place using plastic hooks. Fasten the graphic to the frame with hook & loop velcro. Interchangeable graphics make it a versatile choice. Easily collapse the frame with front graphic attached and stow in your carry bag. 

It is reasonable price but still has an ideal eye-catcher for your tradeshow, exhibition, or conference. 

Its versatility and simple 2-minute setup, as well as its velcro attachment, makes it functional for special events as well as an in-office promotional tool for walk-in customers. Another convenient feature is that your graphic stays attached in your free travel/carry bag that comes with each frame you purchase.


Quantity Straight Fabric
8 Ft. Banner ONLY
1 $276.00


Quantity Straight Fabric
8 Ft. Frame ONLY
1 $228.19


Quantity Straight Fabric
8 Ft. Frame and Banner
1 $469.15


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