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Camo Fleece Cuffless Beanie

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Camo Fleece Cuffless Beanie I-F105

Use the Camo Fleece Beanie to create a natural appearance throughout the winter. Also available in Black and Orange Flame. The beanie design is great for organizations thoughtfully intent on their customers’ comfort. Add your logo to the front to continually promote your organization or event. 

I-F105 Camo Fleece

FABRIC: Fleece

SHAPE: Cuffless Beanie

DIMENSIONS: 9.5”w x 8”h

*Sizing may vary +/- 1/2”


Quantity Camo Fleece Cuffless Beanies
48 $12.55 Each
72 $12.20 Each
96 $11.85 Each


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